The Romanticism of Science

Science is always a mystery for me because I easily get overwhelmed by chemical and mathematical equations that go along with it. But that’s what makes it very interesting to me since I can suddenly make sense of things in unimaginable ways out of its abstract nature. Science may look irritatingly difficult but learning new ideas from it can make us appreciate (and love) its practical applications in our daily lives.

  • It rouses our curiosity.

Learning something new but difficult to achieve is always a turn off. But science, in one way or another always motivates us to explore. How else can we find out about how the leaves of plants and trees are formed than by examining their tiny parts under the microscope, or how clouds are formed simply through the evaporation and condensation of water droplets caused by the air? It always gives us a small glimpse on how the universe and our existence came to be by urging us to discover what lies beyond, and what better way to do this than through inquiry. Without Science, maybe until now, we don’t have the slightest idea as to what causes our heart to beat and keep us alive or why we yawn when we feel sleepy. Even the discovery of DNA that started from mere curiosity, was proven to be vital in the field of Biology where this genetic composition present in living beings can be used to stop deadly mutations and treat different diseases.


  • It teaches us the value of observation.

Not everything is as it seems so science helps us think critically and not just take our surroundings too literally. How many times have we watched investigative documentaries where pieces of evidence are gathered in the most unlikely places? Science can be very tedious in allowing us to perform a series of steps for us to arrive at a sensible conclusion but it definitely forces us to have a keen eye on every important detail in order that we are not easily fooled.

  • It gives us strength to persevere.

Science values the “trial and error” notion which is a part of life. It basically gives us the idea that failing to learn new concepts and achieve a certain goal should not stop us from trying again. Science in its own nature, through its theories and methods prove to us that committing mistakes is inevitable and that the lessons we learn from them are what matter.

Science may be something that is very hard to comprehend at first but it has always helped us understand and enhance our consciousness and connection towards our surroundings and makes us realize that both living and non-living things have important roles to fulfill in the interplay of life and decay.

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